Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 10: Mobile Site Feature Ideas

So, I was thinking up ideas for some interesting features to run on a mobile-focused game site or section.

Here's some of my ideas...

Let me know what you think...

I Want More "_________" 
This would be used for posting games that play similarly to well-known titles. For example, people may not know that Angry Birds and Trucks and Skulls play very similarly (well, many of us do, but that is a simplistic example). OR, you could focus it more along the line of big retail console titles and find some solid counterparts.

This could be basically be a small addition to every review or preview of a game, featuring whatever apps, games, and assessories may be out there for mobile users that are interested in the game featured in that review/preview.

Thumb Wars
This would be a Grudge Match of sorts,  current generation DS and PSP titles stacked up against similar games of the genre on mobile devices and talk the pros and cons. Winners could be chosen, and this feature would be a good way to contiue the popular discussion of whether mobile games can replace conventional portable systems.

Beat the Geeks
This would be where the site would pick one game a week/month and have its editors submit their high scores and post for the readers to see how they stack up.

Fill In the ______
This would be A mad-lib type feature where readers make submissions on social media and the writer would select posts from the various outlets and present the resulting "game description".


Do you have an idea as well?

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