Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Resist Resistance

As a gamer and history major, I am constantly being told that I would love the Resistance series. I can understand why people come to that conclusion.

Resistance is a story of an alternate history of how aliens came and attacked earth to terraform it to fit their needs. The attacks seem to come during the first half of the twentieth century. The game itself is a story-driven 1st person shooter. You play as a human fighting back against the enemy invaders and seeking something as emotional as revenge, while also looking to do something as simple as survive.

Though the story of this war torn world does seem interesting, there are two major factors that have turned me off the series from the very beginning.

1. The game is a 1st person shooter.

I know this may blow your mind to hear, but I generally don't like this genre of game. I have bought and played through some of the genre's best titles only to get hooked on 1 or 2. If I am to play a 1st person shooter, I do not want it to be a title that uses fear or scare tactics to engage the player. Fear, for me, is not a feeling that I enjoy experiencing. That is why the popular modern war shooters or the more thrilling and captivating sci-fi super suit shooters are more to my liking.

2. The game is centered around violent aliens.

When I think about outer space or alien life, I commonly think about what we can learn from them and what they can learn from us. I am for more interested in their history, what would stem from research, and how communication would work. Games like Mass Effect and universes like the Star Wars universe fill my interest in space.  Though I have not experience the alternative world Resistance is held in, I know earth enough. So, if the world isn't exciting and different, and the race we've connected to won't soon be sitting down to discuss diplomacy, then I can't say I'm going to buy in.
Now, don't get me wrong, I hope Resistance sells millions of copies and the series continues to succeed. If there is anything I have learned about myself as a gamer, it is that I don't wish for any series to fail. People are entitled to enjoy whatever they please. I just don't have to enjoy it as well.

So, enjoy the game if you so choose to, and please don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. People keep telling me the same thing. However, as much as I enjoyed the first Resistance, I detested the second one. It was a total disappointment. I am skipping the third.

  2. That stinks. I am unfortunately addicted to trophies so I have never gone back to try very many games that have not been updated with trophies.