Friday, May 20, 2011

Why You picking on Steve


If there are any Steves, Bobs, Bills or Mikes out there, you know what I'm talking about. Every time they decide to have a "character to pick on" or "generic name goes here", Our names come up. Well, There are a few examples of where I really felt the pain.

One of the most frustrating things was looking at buying my first computer when "dude, you're getting a Dell" Steve was on the scene. Everyone kept telling me, "Dude you're getting a Dell." You know what, I didn't get a Dell because I refuse to have my name berated.

I was enjoying the movie Over the Hedge with my girlfriend (now wife), and sure enough they come across large bushes. What do they decided to call it? "Steve".
I exclaimed, Oh Come on!

Finally, I laughed at first but this one, from our gaming idol, decided to go after for the jugguler.

I love Modnation Racers but any time I play with my close friends, they always focus their attacks on me. Why I ask?

"Because Kevin Butler told us to." Watch the video. Laugh , Cry, but give Steves a break.

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