Friday, May 6, 2011

PODCAST: Playstation Invasion Episode 4

Looks like I am moving quickly, now co-hosting another podcast. This will be a much better fit because I am playing most of my games on PS3.

Here's the description...

We welcome Stephen Haberman (@TheMarriedGamer) to the PlayStation Invasion Podcast with a jam-packed episode. On this episode we discuss recent news concerning a Mass Effect 3 delay, the announcement of a new Need For Speed game, among other news. Our big topic of the week concerns everything going on with Sony. From their recent press conference, the lawsuits being filed against them, their letter to Congress, and the planned “Welcome Back” program. It’s not all serious however. We also discuss the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “The Art of Games” exhibit and Catherine. Don’t know what Catherine is? Well you should because it’s the focus of our contest. Want to know more? Just listen to episode 4 to find out

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