Tuesday, April 19, 2011

August 20, 2010 - Achieve

It seems like a lot of the bloggers and commentors on myIGN have a wide range of interests and I just thought it would be interesting to find out where we stand in our gaming strengths and weaknesses.

I personally am  not all that hell bent on owning the top spots in any leader boards but i have had some success to be proud of. I thought it would be interesting to find out what some of your favorite gaming achievements are that you have accomplished. I don't this to seem like I am boasting, because I am not. I am simply giving some examples of what Im talking about here. Not everyone can be a gaming pro, but we can all have our moments.

Personally, I have not been the most amazing FPS player , but I do play with my friends on COD and I have managed to keep a 1.25 kill to death ratio. I know for some of you that is laughable, but for me; a person who does not excel at shooters, I am quite proud.

When it comes to friendly competition, I recently had a trophy whore war with a few friends. The 3 other guys in the competition had less trophies to start with and much more available free time. I was able to beat them considerably, and went from level 9 to level 12 in 30 days.

My crowning achievement has to be in Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Unfortuneately, I cannot say I've beaten the endless setlist on expert, but I have been able to beat the endless setlist on both games, with my wife. We had a lot of fun working through the lists and while it led to a few frustrating moments when we reached the near end and the songs were gettign harder, I still very much enjoyed the experiences.

The other achievement I was happy to  have was that in my hay day with Rock Band, I was listed in the top 500 vocalists playing the game. I am a singer and have always have blessed that i was given a strong voice so when i reached that mark, it was a gaming milestone for me.

So, I spilled a few beans, How about the rest of you? What is atop your gaming Aggro Crag?

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