Tuesday, April 19, 2011

August 24, 2010 - Getting Married and it's Affect of Gaming (The Beginning)


I thought i would reach out to the other married gamers out there to blog on their situations but I thought you all might be interested to see what can happen to your favorite hobby when you begin to share your home, your heart, and your time.

My wife and I were engaged for two and a half years, trying to finish up school, find jobs, and create a stable environment to support ourselves. Unfortunately that led us to different states and we basically went on for about 2 years only seeing eachother once a month. Imagine not being able to see the person you love the most in the world for a month (those of you who have experienced the RROD have a decent idea what this feels like.) At one point we had to go nearly 4 months due the difficulty getting time off and an unfortunately brutal winter.

Anyways, I was living alone since last October, and up until the wedding, I was able to reach some gaming feats. Since returning from our honeymoon on May 7th, I have nearly doubled my gaming prowess. My wife thought a trophy whore war with my friends was a great idea, and supported me completely as I trophy grinded through June. Now, my wife reminds me that we need to play Buzz Quiz World every weekend to get the weekend warrior trophy. She is such a good sport about it, she has a near Pavlovian response to the trophy rewarded sound. Every time it dings, i hear a light and completely honest "yay!"

The point is, whether you're dating, engaged, married or even just messing around, letting a significant other into your life will only enhance the experience. Now, I can't say you will be able to play video games every waking moment. If you find the right person though, they will support your gaming interest in a healthy way. Some of us, however, do not play games in a healthy way and spend all of our waking moments in front of our pc/console/on the jon with the DS. Adding someone that cares abut you into your life can help you still enjoy your games, while pushing you to get up and out, eat healthy, and maybe see the sun once and a while.

Though some of the hardcore gamers may winse at the idea of having anything pull them away from their system, think about it this way. Do a few nice things, get laid, then go play some games. Nothing's better than a little post-lovin FPS multiplayer since the only thought crossing your mind is... "I may have just gotten schooled, but I have also just gotten laid."

Here's to a loving, healthy gaming community!

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