Tuesday, April 19, 2011

August 19, 2010- Your Wallet is your Voice

So, Now that we are all sharing the greatness that is the IGN site, It's about time we used it for something. I honestly don't think my opinion or my voice will go far enough to make a change but here it is.

I loved playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with my friends on Xbox live, and I spent the money necessary to have all the map packs so I could enjoy the game fully. I did the same for modern warfare 2 but when i have to shell out 15 bucks for what Bad Company 2 was offering for free...I had to pump the breaks. Yes I own all the map packs for COD MF2, but all i can think of is what i would rather own for $30 apart from those map packs. I have become quite a diverse gamer. I own every system and even enjoy portable and pc games.

Here's my point. Even though I didn't like it, and didn't want to, the fact that all my friends were playing COD and were getting the map packs led me to as well. I am not falling for that again. I am standing up for gamers like me by backing the competition. I will be getting Medal of Honor. I will enjoy the FPS gaming that I find entertaining, while not shelling out extra dough for it. Plus, since I am buying medal of honor on PS3, i'll be getting a bonus game as well. 1 game for 90 or 2 games for 60? A no brainer. I hope that the rest of you COD fans take the time to think before you spend your cash on COD this fall.

For those of you that are looking for other wise to voice your concerns, email the developers. Like Sucker Punch, many developers feel tha tit is important to have their finger on the pulse of their community. I have consistantly reached out to developers to thank them for great games or to voice my concerns, and it is more often that i get a response than not. Try it some time. Also , if you don;t like what a developer is doing or the way they practice their business, don't support them. I left the Activision franchises like Guitar Hero for more community friendly companies like Harmonix and have never been happier.

I no it's unfortunate that we all can't wield the power that editors like Greg Miller have, but we can still have a voice. Colin Moriarty suggested this type of stance on a Podcast Beyond and it isn't until now that I have grown to understand it's power and appreciate the message I am sending. I can now enjoy the games I want for not only the great gameplay they have, but also for the great developers, supported communities and general love that goes into them.

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