Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Bastion (XBLA) Review

Here is my review for Bastion -

I wanted to share a little bit more about the experience I had with Bastion because I feel it may have been a bit unique.

This game affected me. Action RPGs are my favorite genre and so I was already pumped for this game. It was the way they allowed the story to unfold that really kept me invested. Supergiant games was able to mix in some amazing moments in the game that were accentuated by the music designed and chosen for those moments.

The moment you find one of the survivors was coupled with a beautiful song. The angelic tune, coupled with ethereal visual art style of that moment gave me chills. It was a magical moment in the game that reached me at an emotional level.

When I reached the end of the game, and the end of the story, I cried. The story, the art, and most importantly the music, all spoke to me. I don't expect my experience with the game to be all that common, but I want the readers of this review to understand just how much the game moved me.

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