Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Upcoming Review / Recent Activities

So, having had a couple very busy weeks for work, I have not been able to post as much as I would like. I have however been playing a game for review. The review will be out today which I will of course share on the blog, so please keep an eye out for it.

I played through the entirety of the game and even started going through a second playthrough to confirm my thoughts on a couple of the in-game features. On top of playing this game for review, I had an awesome weekend with two of my groomsmen. We built a few super players on NCAA Football 12 and played that a bit. Saturday, we drove out to NY and went to the closest Dave and Busters. We had a blast there. I particularly enjoyed the football toss challenge game because I was able to beat it pretty easily.

My friend Dan was excellent at the giant ball drop game, having figured out the timing needed to get the ball directly down the jackpot hole. A grade-A ball-dropper. Jt, my lifelong friend, signed the lease on a house in MA and then proceeded to lose his wallet. After spending all Saturday morning re-aquirring all of his credit cards, licenses and what have you, he received a call from a buddy of his stating that Jt had in fact left the wallet at his house. As frustrating as it was, D&B was a great distration. Kate (my wife) came along as well. She really enjoys the gameshow games. All four of us sat down and played trivia together, which she won every round. I tried to talk her into sitting at the trivia game all day and own some strangers, but she wanted to stay with me most of the time.

After D&B, my wife headed to see her family and Dan, Jt and I got to go back and do our own thing. It was nice to have a weekend with the guys and just catch up. Now living in three different states makes it difficult to stay connected. Our own thing by the way ended up playing Magic for hours and playing one round of Omega Virus.

If any of you reading this have played Omega Virus, please let me know because that game rocks and you rock for knowing it!

Anyways, Keep an eye out for the Bastion review and podcast on XBLAfans.com!

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