Tuesday, April 19, 2011

September 4, 2010 - Games at the Heart

Cover your Heart Indy! Cover Your Heart!

Okay, shut up Short Round, that is not what I'm talking about!

As Short Round had a heart time understanding, I am talking about games that tug at your heart strings. I have recently gotten married and my wife seems to find a real connection with cute and charming games. I also have found some connection and interest in these games and though they can sometimes test my masculinity, it is important to note video games that can be loveable. It can be about art, but more importantly...It can be about emotion. A lot of gamers like to talk about those moments in games where you are just "wow"ed. Well, how about touched? Here are some of the games that have really touched me, and, I suggest gamers give a try so that the can be touched as well.

Viva Pinata is a BEAUTIFUL game. And for those of you gamers or parents of gamers that are looking for a thoughtful, though small environment to enjoy the beauty that is next gen, this is the one for you. But a word of warning... Don't name your worms! The food chain is evident in Pinata land and though your pinatas are not violently hurt, they do blow up into hundred of pieces.

LittleBigPlanet is the bomb! I l know I am not telling people things they already know but this is the point. Watch the opening cinematic and tell me you aren't moved. The simple idea that led to this masterpiece is the idea of a world of dreams. For those of you with imagination... This game is the canvas and Sackboy is the voice.

And this brings me to the future... EyePet.

EyePet looks to be a monkey-like pet that you can clean, pet, groom ,and stylize your monkey dude. This seems to be taking the keys to success from online games like Petville and Webkinz but with a lot more interaction and instead of adding loads of customization, it adds you on screen.

For my wife and I, we cannot have a pet in our apartment so this pet sim would be a nice opportunity for us to enjoy sharing our passion for games without the allergies.

So, We're excited for EyePet  and we still are enjoying Viva and LBP because of those warming feelings they give us.

We hope that if you haven't yet, check these games out and enjoy.

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