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August 31, 2010 - Nintendo: The Rewards System You Need


I have always been a big fan of what-if stories and alternative histories. So, here it is. I think i have figured out what would be best to bring Nintendo into the 21st century of gamers. Nintendo is in the living rooms of a heck of a lot of homes, but it is not getting the support it needs for its software. So, if the software were supported, like Playstations and the Xboxs, Nintendo would be a powerhouse. A rewards system like trophies and achievements would do just that.

Here's the simple question. Do you like coins? Would you like to collect coins? Mario did and who doesn't like Mario?

So, spin it similar to "Every body wants to be like Mike" only Mario. Each game on the Wii system should offer a select few coins for major game achievements. Let's say 10 gold coins. They would work the same as trophies and achievements and would pop up with a little icon while making the beautiful sound they make when mario collects them. You can even offer 3 coins per virtual console game. This would allow for the whole library to be supported and for Coin collectors to spend some green to earn more gold.

But here's the kicker... After collecting 100 coins, you get a level up!

What would that mean? Well, to put it simply, it would mean that Nintendo would reward you for your gaming loyalty with a free virtual console game of your choosing (or just give you 500 Wii points to spend how you see fit.) This reward system would be the only system of it's kind and would leave Xbots and the Playstation nation in the dust. This would also lead a lot of new-school gamers and hardcore gamers alike to both the Wii and the virtual console. A reward system that actually rewards you? The future is here!

If only...................................

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