Tuesday, April 26, 2011

November 3, 2010 - My First PSP, Death Story


Taking it back a bit,

My original love for game came in the portable gaming systems on my youth (Original Game Boy and Sega Game Gear), so when I got to college and found I had some money to burn I, along with buying every next gen system, bought a PSP.  The psp was pretty awesome. I originally grew up loving the sports games and that was all the more clear when all i played on the psp was MLB: The Show. The road to glory in that game is the best way to experience baseball gaming in my opinion (if your interest is in bringing your likeness to the majors).

I never really grew tired of that game, but I fell in love with Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins when it was released. I beat that game (the first time through) in the first few days. I was almost at the end of the 2nd playthrough when i had to stop playing. I was in my apartment , getting ready for work when i realized i only had enough time to get my stuff and go.

So, I ran out the door with my psp loosely thrown into my backpack (insted of in it's protective case). As i got over to the steps leading down the small hill in from of the apartments, I slipped on a patch of ice and landed flat on my back. I was not physically hurt so I went on my way. I worked the night shift and went from 10pm - 3  am. When i was done, I was SO excited to reach into my backpack and play the psp on my walk back to my apartment, when i saw it. I DESTROYED the screen. They system itself wouldn't even turn on.

I have been without my psp ever since (which was winter 2007) and I am hoping this birthday/xmas (my birthday is in Dec) my wife or family might bring the great system back to me.
If not... should i buy it? Anyone get a psp recently? What are your thoughts?

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