Tuesday, April 19, 2011

July 29, 2010 - Owning All Consoles


Here's how it happened...

I loved the xbox and it grew on my a lot due to the problems my ps2 had with the dvd laser fail. So, i bought the 360 at launch. It was awesome. I was pretty floored by the graphics and I basically bought it to play Gears of War, (once it released) but i really enjoyed Fight Night Round 3 while waitng. Then, the RROD happened. I lost everything and at the time, microsoft didn't know how to deal with it so frustration set in. I didn't let it bog me down though. I kept waving the green X flag in the face of anyone that would want to take me on. The worst thing that could happen , continued to. RROD for the 2nd and even 3rd time. I sent it in to get fixed, had to wait a month and decided to upgrade to the Elite because i thought since it was a newer model, there wouldn't be as many problems. I got rock band and mass effect on the same day and life was beautiful. After beating the endlist setlist, the system began to freeze more often than the others did. Finally, RROD 4th time. I happen to find someone who was as fed up as i was and gave me his elite for little to nothing. I wouldn;t have bought another if that wasn't the case.

I hit a point when i realized i could get the Wii and every nintendo game i never got to enjoy as a kid for myself (on the virtual console), and I did. It was glorious and it was reliable. Iwould get my online fix on 360 ,and my nostalgia on Wii. I graduated from college and started working at blockbuster while looking for a "real job". In that time, I saw what the blu-rayw as all about, fell in love and bought a ps3! As a 360 fanboy, I got a lot of flak for this but i wanted to watch blu-rays on my hdtv at home and the 360 wasn't going to do that for me. I  jumped in at the right time, right after trophies had been introduced and i got my hands on the backwards compatible model. I ended up selling that model to upgrade to the slim and now, i own all three systems, the ps3 slim (120gb), the Wii, and the 360 elite(fat). I play all of them but i now spend most of my time on the ps3.

The hard part about this is that i love each system for what it does, but with the Kinect and move announced, I feel like the only reason i own the Wii is for mario/kirby/casual games. This is fine but it leads me to playing the system a lot less often. I have decided to support the Move because i would love to be able to create a level on LBP2 with the move controller rather than the dual shock. Plus, It would be cool to play shooters that both look good and controller realistically. I won't give up the 360 though. I have made it my home fro music games, and COD/fable/mass effect.

What did i learn from this experience? Well, I learned that I'm a gamer who likes the best of the best, and that is why i have all the systems. Nothing beats creating your own world like LBP but the world created in Fable is fun to explore. I can't help but enjoy every minute of ME and ME2 and Gears of War may be a little mindless, man is it fun! The Wii boasts amazing Mario fun, and i am looking forward to the upcoming fall lineup. In the end, for me, trophies rule, Nathan Drake is the man and the ps3 really does do everything.

Love your system and love your games, but don't forget to show some love to one another. We are a unique community. If we were a more friendly community, we might just rule one day.
Until then, Keep gaming!

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