Tuesday, April 19, 2011

August 2, 2010 - Supporting PS Plus

Playstation is really pushing to have keep playstation owners loyal to the ps3 and some of their current moves (hehe) are in the right direction. Let me first give credit where it is due. Since they began their push to offer bonus exclusive content on multi-platform games on the ps3, I chose to purchase Batman: AA and Dante's Inferno on the ps3. It was nice to be able to receive that extra content and simply see that buying on the ps3 meant more options because the hardware was superior. (in the case that the blu ray holds more than a dvd, let's not get riled up here)

Since, they have announced upcoming games like Deadspace 2, Medal of Honor and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will also be receiving PS3 only exclusive bonus content.  I am happy to own all three systems, but i favor my ps3. That's why I have pre-ordered the Move and subscribed to PS plus.
One of the major concerns of Ps Plus subscribers is the fear that the free monthly game will end up being a game they already own. There are two easy ways to solve this. One, offer choice. Put three games up for grabs each week and the subscriber gets to choose which game they want. Secondly, and perhaps the most attractive option. Offer new games for free. This would always protect plus members from having bought the game previously, and the developers would have a good amount of support for thier new release, which could lead to most support of the game by non subscribers, or more PS plus subscriptions being bought, which would definitely help Sony.

Also, I know that the music game genre has been overburdened with titles and many people have grown tired of it. But the install base for the guitar heros and rock bands and sing stars and what have you is so large, why not use the PS Plus to keep people interested. I think if PS Plus offered 50% off song dlc for those games, especially a game made by Sony like Singstar, it would definitely lead music game fans to PS plus as well as bring some life to the genre. Sony isn't in charge of the music genre, but with people having to choose which system to invest their money in,  this could be a major selling point that brings people to the ps3. It maybe even be a bunch of new recruits once Rock Band 3 and GH: WoW comes out. Just another thought.

Finally, I had some of these ideas on playstation blog.share so if you like them, go over tho that forum and cast your votes.

Playstation Plus music game DLC song discounts!

DLC songs for music game need to come down in cost. You could lead more gamers to this excellent service. Offer all music dlc at a discount for PS+ folks.

MLB THE SHOW w/ optional MOVE support

I don’t think this would be too difficult, especially since the software is a hit, add MOVE home run derby, or Move control batting. It’s the most realistic baseball sim, now make it the most realistic baseball experience (but optional).

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