Tuesday, April 19, 2011

July 19, 2010

As a 24 year old gamer, I have been able to enjoy the evolution of gaming and have been moved by some of the great games that I have got to experience in my lifetime. But as I was thinking about this generation of games and this generation of games, I became a little worried. I love Littlebigplanet, the Uncharted series and I'm very much into MLB the show, but I haven't just continued to play any of these games for more than a few months. Yes, I go back to all of them here and there but after school every day and every weekend I would go to my buddy's house and we would play Goldeneye on the 64 Every day , for the whole day. I played Goldeneye continually for nearly a year. Hell, I played Hydro Thunder with him every day for two seasons and I can't even say I liked the game all that much. I loved that experience. On a single-player front, I can still enjoy going back and playing Diablo 2, and that game is a decade old.

Now, just about all grown up and i can't say I have had that connection to these newer games. Is this just how powerful nostalgia can be? I might play 50 hours of Call of Duty, but that?s not because it's my game of choice, it's because it's everyone else's. I guess the instant gratification and gaming reward systems, like achievements and trophies have led me to play through games i might not have normally played or gone back to do more in games when I thought I was just about done with.

I just can't wrap my head around the change. I hope the ps3 , 360 and Wii have another 4 or so years to their lifespan because I want them to have a lasting impression on the industry, but also on the gamers themselves. I just hope the kids joining our ranks now a days are still getting to choose their heroes, rather than being fed them buy our previous nostalgia. I hope Nathan Drake, Sackboy, and Commander Sheperd make the list of most memorable characters, because they have all served us gamers well.

By the way, Who is your favorite current gen hero?

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