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December 27, 2010 - 2010 Console Games of the Year

Let me start off by saying I have not included any game in this list that i have not played. Though there may be games out there that deserve this title, without experiencing them myself as a consumer, they simply failed to move me to purchase them. That being said, let us move on the what captivated me this year and what wins my picks for games of the year.

Xbox 360 - Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2 solved all the technical problems on the first game, while bringing so much of your previous experience back made this game an epic story, with a character you have made your own in a universe you can't help but explore. Mass Effect 2 is the favorite for many site's game of the year and that i because it is one of the few RPGs to ever offer a fully voiced conversation system as well as a genre-defining choice system, that has allowed every player to create their own Shepherd. 
Honorable Mentions-
Red Dead Redemption
Rock Band 3
Halo Reach

Xbox Live Arcade - Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Playstation 3 - ModNation Racers
I came to love the user-created content experience in LBP, and the kart-racer designed by United Front Games built on that idea to create the greatest kart racer to date. Some readers may be surprised not to find RDR,, GoW or even Heavy Rain here, but the simple fact is that those games have come and gone for me, and yet i still find reasons to go back to Mod nation. The ability to created a track in minutes, or spend hours on your Mod racer keeps this game feeling fresh and welcoming. The only negative to this game was it's load times, but they were improved in a update close to the release of the game, and the fun outweighs the folly. 

Honorable Mentions-
Red Dead Redemption
Heavy Rain
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Playstation Network - Castle Crashers

Nintendo Wii - Kirby's Epic Yarn
It seemed ridiculous to think that Nintendo would be able to find a way to continue their staple frachises and also find a way to keep them from feelings stale. 2010 was proof Nintendo knows exactly what it's doing. With DKC Returns being a love-letter to it's predecessor, Mario Galaxy 2 being just as fun and inventive, how could Kirby stand out? Kirby's new knit style is outrageously cute, simplistic enough for children to pick up and play, as well as addictive and inventive enough to surprise and connect to experience gamers. I played over 20 games on my consoles alone this year, and no other game could make me smile so easily. This is the game for anyone, and everyone. 
Honorable Mentions - 
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Thank you to all the game developers out there for an excellent 2010 and I cannot wait for what is in store for us next year!

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