Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Review

 To start off, this game is ridiculous, in a good way. With four different classes to choose from and a mind-boggling amount of guns in the game, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with this Shooter RPG. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

 The classes are not all that polarizing, but you can choose someone who focuses on distance, stealth, support and close combat. These choices won’t hinder your ability to use any weapon you want, but they will help you focus your character so they are stronger when using specific gun types. The Bruiser character can either turn his rage attack into an unstoppable force, or you can focus on upgrading the bang he gets from using rocket launchers. Leveling up your character comes from completing quests and reducing the skag population.

When it comes to playing this game solo or with a friend, I hope you have a buddy to play with. The experience isn’t bad for a person playing single player, but the quests feel a lot less tedious with a friend along. Gearbox, the developer, made this game very co-op friendly. One of the small things I came to really appreciate is the fact that if a friend has beat the game, and you just bought it, you can still play together and they can help you level up very quickly.

The game controls well, with only some frustration coming when you’re trying to thread the needle while driving. The shooting controls are easy and guns do have kickback , fire rates, clip capacities and reload times that allow for a sort of strategy involved in your weapon choice.

The game of the year edition packs in all of the downloadable content as well, and each downloadable pack was worth purchasing. The Secret Armory of General Knox was a standout experience for me, with some of the best comedic dialogue coming from the bosses you end up meeting in the game.

The Game of the Year edition is a must buy at $60 and under. Go get this game!

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