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December 14, 2010 - Trading In Games: Where and When

For many console gamers, the amount of options in quality games over the past few years has been staggering, and if you happen to own more than one system, you may find your budget for games is not allowing you to experience all the games you would like. 
This brings many to look for ways to extend their money. One great way to do this is to sell your games. Now, some hop on to e-bay and sell their stuff, but others are looking for a quick fix.
So, there are definitely places to trade in your games to get money towards some new stuff. Here are some tips to where and when to trade in your games.
Best Buy (Online and In store)
Now, if you want to take games straight to the store, you're not going to get the same amount that you would get if you send the games in. 
  • Amazon.com
Amazon.com is a send-in service only, but they are the most competitive trade in values around. The best part of all is that Amazon is the most appealing credit, because you can buy anything on Amazon.com
(e.x. today, i traded in Wii Sports Resort on Amazon.com for $20.50, when trade in value at gamestop and best buy for $7.)
  • Now Gamestop is the most well-known for the ability to trade in games, you can sometimes lose a lot of money without trade in bonuses or bonus credit. Gamestop

So you know where, how about when? 
Well, if you are not in a rush, you should go to Amazon.com first. Now, if you want to go to a store right away, then you should head to Gamestop. Now, if you are going to go to Gamestop, you should take advantage of their tier trades for either bonus cash, or bonus trade in credits (30-50%). Without the bonuses, Gamestop's trade in credit is usually not worth saving time, because you'll likely get an extra $10 bucks or so by using best buy's online service or Amazon.com
So, to recap,
trading in your games is a great way to extend your budget to play more games, and the best places to go are either amazon.com or in-store at gamestop when they are running a bonus cash, or high % bonus to your trade ins. If you are an avid Best Buy customer, then there is an option there as well.

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