Tuesday, April 26, 2011

December 6, 2010 - Amazon Could Mess Up Your Surprise

So, I have been using Amazon.com as a way to keep a list for good gift ideas for my wife/parents/siblings/in-laws/friends to look at and figure out what to buy.

I also loved how they have added the feature to add any item from any site to your wishlist. Anyways, this is not a commercial for using this, but a warning. For those of you who like to be surprised by what you get as gifts for birthdays/christmas, never go to look at your own wishlist.

I happen to sign in to another computer and go to view my wishlist to make sure something i added was posted there. It wasn't. I then skimmed the list and noticed quite a few of the items I had put on the list were missing. At the top of the list there was a drop down menu for item type which auot-set to "unpurchased".

If you hit the menu, you can look at "purchased" and "all". I am assuming this would show you what is suggests.  I then realized i wasn't signed in as myself and signed into my account.

I then looked at my wishlist again and sure enough the missing items had appeared, and next to every single item that was missing before, i saw "Quantity purchased = 1".

Now, for those of you saying i could have figured out what was missing off the first list and find out what i was getting, you're right, but I was not looking to do that.

Now, that was Friday. Since then, I have not seen the "quantity purchased" come up, and hopefully Amazon fixed this, but i found out what i was receiving for my birthday a day before my parents gave it to me. I also noticed that the drop down menu was on my wishlist page, meaning i could theoretically look all the items purchased for me. I haven't, but I find that to be incredibly odd.

So, be forewarned. Also, if you like to find out what you're getting, you're welcome.

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