Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Work/Game Balance

Well Happy Holidays everyone and I hope most of you are taking some time off. I personally am unable to since I only just started my new job. I did have a nice four day weekend for Christmas which was very nice.

I started the new job on December 12th, and so I'm only in my third week but I am already seeing some significant changes in my schedule.

1. I can get to and from work in about 20 minutes, rather than then hour and fifteen minutes it was taking me before when I had to take the train to work. This extra time allows me more flexibility in my day to day plans.

2. I'm back to writing! Since I am wearing multiple hats at my new job, I am doing a lot more community management and community outreach. I wrote my first press release, company bio, and written 6 blog posts for their blog (which can be found here: .

3. I am handing out review copies! It is very cool to be on the opposite side of things at this point. I am sending bloggers and press contacts our press releases as well as copies of our comics to be read and covered for their sites. It is a strange twist to the fact that early 2011 was when I would kill to be sent review copies.

4. Finally, my gaming writing days are no where near over. I am currently working as a freelancer guides writer for IGN on the SWTOR guide. It is difficult to play any other game when you're working on a monster like that, but thankfully SWTOR has been fun.

So, there you have it. Just a quick look at what's changed in the life of TheMarriedGamer.


  1. Forgive me for squealing (and if I'm being a pest), but am I on that blogger review list? *grins*

  2. I think I emailed you. if not, email me at and request what you want to review and i'll see what i can do.