Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: Pirate Love Song


Celebrating the upcoming release of Skyrim, I thought I would share a memory from my gaming experience with Oblivion.  I was watching my buddy play the game and he was so enthralled with the pirates of Dunborrow Cove, that I randomly broke out into a song. Being a singer and improv comic, this was not all that rare of an occurrence. What was unique about this point in time was the fact that my buddy said, " Great song, you should go write it down before you forget it." This was of course to just get rid of me, but it had the opposite desired effect. The song was put on paper, and now remembered forever.

So internet, here it is:

Shiver Me Timbers 

I'm a pirate, and I love stealing for you.
I'm a pirate, am I love our crew.
You took me in your cove
And you know what i love
I, I, Love, stealing for you.

I'm a pirate, and I don't wear a shirt.
I'm always, gettin it, covered in dirt.
It take us a week and then we must sleep
But we rule the seas and the briny deep
Because we love stealing for you.

You're our Captain, and we're your first mates
We sell stuff at five-finger discount rates.
Come closer to me
And you will see...
That a peg leg, isn't all the wood on me.

We're pirates...
ANd weeeee love,

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