Friday, July 1, 2011

Travel Time: What I'll Be Playing

Well, my wife and I will be off "On the Road Again" to see her folks in PA. I do enjoy a good few days away and though I will have to say goodbye to my darling consoles, I will become more friendly with my iPhone 4, 3DS and PspGo. I do often have a few people asking me what games I'm playing, and apart from the podcast, I don't talke about it much. So, here are some of the games I will be spending my fourth of July with...


Sword and Sworcery - I only played through the first level of this game so far since it is very involved for a iOS title. By invloved, I mean it sucks you in. You want to hear, see and experience the game competely, so it's not a game to play in short spurts.

Tiny Wings - I always go back to it (Even though I spent a considerable amount of time with it to writ the guide - )

Continuity 2 - Think puzzle piece Portal. Run your guy from point A to B by moving him to and from puzzle pieces to find the correct route. I jsut downloaded this one so I'm not sure how good it is yet.

ModNation Racers  - kart racing + customizing everything = LOVE this game. It's not as good as it's PS3 release, but it's an acceptable portable solution until the Vita release.

LittleBigPlanet  - I lve being able to customize my experience and sackboy is awesome. This is a great title for anywhere and with any crowd so I'm sure to spend some quality time with it.

God of War: Ghosts of Sparta - I am more than halfway through this title and it has been a blast. I only play it from save point to save point but I love having it on the go.


Lego: Pirates of the Carribean - I bought this game with leftover trade-in credit at Gamestop because I wanted a 3DS game to play. So far, I like it. I like the Lego games. Though the style of the games have not changed much over the years, they are still fun.

Kirby's Dreamland - That's right baby! Man i loved this game as a kid and am so glad to have it on the 3DS virtual console. I haven't started it up yet but it will likely be the game I progress the furthest in this weekend.

So, that's my list of games I will likely be spending most of my time with this weekend. I love the opportunity to foucs on different gaming platforms and traveling really lets me do that. Is it a little overkill to have all these portable systems? Maybe, but I sure do enjoy the depth of gaming options.

What will you be doing this July fourth weekend?

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