Thursday, June 2, 2011

E3 - Getting Pumped and Ready to Pick Up My Brain Particles

Well, It's right around the corner and I can't help but be super pumped. I'm going to looking and absolutely packed schedule (thanks to the awesome team at Kmart) that begins with Bethesda on Tuesday, and ends with Sony and  Take-Two Interactive on Thursday. Honestly that would be all I would need to be absolutely pumped for the event but there is also a convention center full of games ready to own my fingertips. Fingers don't fail me now!

I thought I'd give you an idea of at least a handful of games that I'm really looking forward to so you can get a better idea of my taste in games.

The Games I Know I'll Love

Mass Effect 3 - Bioware rewrote the standard for RPGs when they brought us the original Mass Effect. Originally, It was just excited for a space adventure, but when I experienced the first RPG fully voiced from start to finish, I was blown away. The story itself was excellent as well. Since, Bioware has only returned with 2010's game of the year. Fancy that! Am I excited to see the finale? Who isn't!

Uncharted 3 - Uncharted brought a treasure hunter's dream to life with Uncharted and has been a flagship exclusive PlayStation franchise. This year it seems the focus is on rewriting the expectations of multiplayer, since Naughty Dog has already proving themselves to be great story crafters. A great developer with an amazing franchise (Are you starting to see a trend here?)

Diablo 3 - I grew up playing computer games, and Diablo is by far my favorite game franchise. Blizzard rocked my world with the ton of Tristram, the wise Deckard Cain and of course, the looting. How imps carry stacks full of thousands of gold pieces I will never understand, but don't let that stop them.
Much like other fans of the series, I checked the Diablo III website daily for nearly a year to see all the screenshots, trailers and new character class announcements.

Gears of War 3 - The Gears of War franchise has defined gaming in this generation for me. Since the original Madworld commercial, I have been a died hard fan of the series. Though Gears 2 had some hiccups, the beta for Gears 3 rekindled my love for the franchise and I can't wait to see what else the games has to offer.

The Games I Bet I'll Love

Bastion - Since joining, I have had the pleasure of writing a preview as well as conducted an interview on this game. It may be a downloadable title, but the more I see about this game, the more I need to play it!

Tomb Raider - With a real love for Indiana Jones and Uncharted, there should be no surprise that Tomb Raider is a game I'm excited about but what I'm most excited about it trying it out from the start. I want to know what this Lara Croft is all about, and the previews have looked awesome.

And a lot of others...

All The Stuff I Don't Know About!

Okay, The Project Cafe is going to be announced and detailed. The NGP will be expanded upon and detailed. Rumors are both Microsoft and Sony have future consoles in the works and you never know what else they will show. The most exciting part about E3 is the possibilities!

Kmart is not only covering the expenses of the trip  ,but they are also getting us the VIP treatment with developers. We will be in the seeing the big three as well as many others. This is a literal dream come true for me and the experience of a lifetime. I can admit that I am an emotional guy, so if I sound choked up in any interview or podcast during E3, or look like I have a tear in my eye, it's because I am letting it sink in.

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