Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 2011 - A Journeyman's Tale (Day 1)

When it comes to E3, it's all about the next level. Whether it be the next big announcement, the next big console, or the next big franchise, it's about what's next.

Look around at E3 and all you will see is posters that are looking to out-awesome each other. From a big poster to three big posters, to a poster four posters long and finally a poster that completely resurfaces the front of a building. Are these posters of the great things in gaming we have already seen? Absolutely not. These are newly announced titles looking to get your attention.

When you turn on the media coverage of E3, the talk is about the big announcements and information we didn't already know coming into the conference. Even today, the first day of E3, the talk wasn't about the PS Vita, but about the Wii U because that's what we heard about today. What short memories we gamers seem to have at this event, yet nostalgia and tradition are very important traits to many of our beloved franchises. When a company told me they were showing off a game that was already available in stores, I had no interest. My thought was, "If I wanted to play something in the stores, then I would have bought it." A holier-than-now stance I know since there wasn't a game being shown that I already own. That was the feeling that came over me, whether it's the one I wanted or not.

Thinking back to last year, when all I could do to understand the experience of E3 was to listen to podcasts of gaming journalists talk about their week. They complained about being to busy, about what games they shouldn't have spent their time with, and about a gaming withdrawal. My thoughts then were, " How the hell could you have gaming withdrawal after seeing all those games?" Well, I'm already feeling it. Here are some of the games I saw and a quick reaction (more detailed previews of these titles will come later);

Skyrim - Imagine seeing an entire game world and being able to to explored, and experienced.
Assassin's Creed: Revelations - The single player demo just focused on a sweet fiery ship scene and the multiplayer has a few welcome tweaks.
Disney Universe -  Disney's attempt at a LittleBigPlanet type game. I know it's maybe 20 years ago, but this is basically the concept from Mixed Up Mother Goose, without the recap of the story at the ned (or so it seems. I have a lot of interest to see where this title is heading.
Batman: Arkham City - Wow Rock Steady knows how to make one hell of a good looking game. With a more vast area to oversee, and a few fan-friendly additions, this already seems like a must-have.

Now I will have a lot more to say about these titles and more, but the funny part to all this. I am passed day one. Day two for me includes Nintendo, EA and Microsoft to name a few. It is due to the vast amount o f news and content available for coverage. If I were to look back and really think about everything I saw on day one, my head would explode. Keep it here, or follow me @themarriedgamer.

In case you missed it, here is me and the other Kmartgamer winners geeking out. 

*Kmartgamer covered all my expenses and booked my E3 schedule.

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