Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wii Party Review

2010 has come and gone and the newest Nintendo installment of the Mii focused titles was none other than Wii Party. This title is a family-friendly mini-game compilation that offers up unique experience that can only be experienced on the Wii.
Imagine all the fun you had with Super Mario Party games and then cut that game in half and make it extremely approachable. What you end up getting is a lot of fun for the casual audience.  Wii Party is in fact a mini game compilation at it’s core. The mini games include simple control schemes, such as point and click, wii remote shaking, and some classic controlled mini games as well.
Two inclusions I found the most interesting were the quiz game and the remote hide-and-seek.  The quiz game had up to three other players guessing what their friend would say is their favorite foods, animals, and other preferences. This quiz game is multiple choice, but it can be a fun simple game to play for all ages. The remote hide-and-seek game had players hiding wii remotes in the real living rooms and timed the other player(s) on how quickly the could find the hidden remotes. Every ten seconds, the wii remotes would make a noise to hint at their locations for the players searching.
This hide-and-seek remote game is unique to the Wii because no other motion gaming system’s controllers have speakers in them.  It seemed to be developer NDCube’s aim to show Wii owners what the Kinect and Move couldn’t do, by including wii remote speaker usage throughout this title.
There won't be anyone out there that will love every single mini-game or mode in Wii Party, but there is a game for everyone in this title. With the inclusion of Mii support, the title stays true to the simple but friendly atmosphere that Wii owners are used to seeing in the other Wii branded titles.
Wii Party is the good game for anyone that bought a Wii for Wii Sports and were looking to dust it off for some more family gatherings. For those of you gamers looking for a deep experience, you won't find it here. Also, much of the game modes depend on chance, so you may win all the mini games, but if you are unlucky, you may not take home the victory.
Please take note that this game is not for those solo gamers out there. It is something to experience with other people. Without multiplayer, this would be a bad title. This does not deserve a full price purchase, but this is one of those titles that can captures the interest of a wide variety of players.  If you can find it for $25 or less, it’s worth trying out, or gifting to those non-gamer wii owners out there.

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