Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rock Band 3 Review

Now, there is no doubt that the music genre is passed its prime. Millions of homes are now letting dust collect on their plastic controllers.  Rock Band 3 is the perfect reason to get back to making plastic music. It is the best music game to date, even if the excitement is not as palpable.

 Rock Band 3 has added the next step in difficulty to the guitar, drums and even brought the keyboard into the mix. The keyboard can be played on colors mode or pro difficulty. This is the first time in years a music game has brought us a new way to play the game. Adding the keyboards is an excellent opportunity to stretch the Rock Band library to some of the excellent artists like the Doors, more Elton John, and Bill Joel to name a few.

You can play all the music the old way and for some people, that is all they want. With a solid list of new music, backwards support of all DLC and the ability to import the songs from the old games leads to the largest setlist to date. For music genre fans, this is the upgrade they wanted and a get setlist they didn’t know they’d love.

For those in search of an easier pick-up and play experience, this is it. People can jump in an out of the game in between every setlist (or song if you're going one by one). There is support for up to seven players, with four instruments and up to three singers. This is the first non-band specific title to support singing harmony. 

Deep music experience? Check. New music gaming experiences? Check. Improved approachability? Check.

So, what’s wrong with it? Well, my only gripe is that new adopters of this game will get the thinnest setlist to be in a main Rock Band title. I honestly think that Harmonix had just given its previous titled releases a little bit more love in the setlist department. Now, Rock Band 3’s setlist is more diverse, but not the strongest.

This game is worth a full price purchase and was one of my top 5 games to be released in 2010. If you like music you’ll enjoy this game. If you already own the previous Rock Bands then this is a must-own.

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